good news

That little painting I did of Michael Jackson is about to make the rounds. Here's the press release:

With the recent passing of superstar Michael Jackson, it's impossible not to have some sort of reaction. Emerging Twin Cities artists come together to reflect on the memory and media portrayal of the King of Pop. This bi-partisan tribute is a collaboration of mediums, ideas, and opinions of a generation of artists raised on Jackson's music. Aesthetically the work is a fearless juxtaposition of creativity possessing a whimsical but raw boldness. 'Remember The Time...' is touring the Twin Cities during the fall and winter months, premiering in October at Audubon Coffee in Northeast Minneapolis and heading to Lowertown's Back Alley Gallery in November. An opening reception will take place at Back Alley Gallery on Saturday, November 7.

Remember the stork and invitations I made for Carol's baby shower? She gave birth this morning and everybody is happy and healthy. :) Check out this great etching I spied at the hospital (click for full-size):

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