Foot in the Door 4

"Held once every 10 years, "Foot in the Door" is an open exhibition for all Minnesota artists. This ever-popular exhibition celebrates the diversity and enthusiasm of Minnesota's visual — and, new this year, audio/video — artists. It's an important event for the arts community and a great opportunity for artists to display their work at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. The sole curatorial criteria? Each submission must fit within a one square foot."
On Thursday I went to the opening of Foot in the Door 4. It was jam packed with people and art. If you're in the area I highly recommend going to see the show. It's up till June and it's free. If you're not in the area, you can still see all the wonderful artwork online here. I submitted The Squirrel.


Sirkka´s photo and art said...

Looks crowded... :o)

Fountain Hills Landscaping said...

Sounds like a super fun event! That wall is awesome~

Lydia said...

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