two big drawings

I had to take Drawing I as a part of my Graphic Design program. It was a pleasant experience that passed too quickly. Here are two drawings I made:

18 x 24" charcoal

This was a pretty speedy drawing. The assignment was to go out and take a landscape photo then interpret it in a charcoal drawing. We drew the same photo twice with a different interpretation in each drawing. In this one I exaggerated the size of the buildings and adjusted their placement. I also simplified and pushed the value contrast on the foreground industrial equipment.

18 x 24" ballpoint pen

This drawing probably took 12 times longer than the first drawing. The assignment was to draw an interior space at school: two point perspective with a ballpoint pen. We also had to add some imaginative content, hence the deer. Figuring out the angles on the stairs was the most difficult task. Adding value and texture to the bricks was the most fun. To the right of where I was sitting for this drawing I learned that there is a racquetball court that my school uses for storage.

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